Our offices litigate in administrative venues and in both state and federal courts. We are also skilled in the resolution of claims.  The Law Offices of Antonique C. Williams works on the art of the deal and regularly resolves claims directly as well as in mediation and other alternative dispute resolution avenues.

Diverse Specialities

Employment Discrimination, hostile work environment, sexual harassment, FMLA, Family Law, Personal Injury, Probation Revocation, Wisconsin Child Care Center Litigation, Living Wills and representation of small businesses.

Fair Employment Advocate

Our offices can help if you are being treated differently at work because of your race, sex, age, disability, national origin or religion.  We vigorously fight against illegal discrimination in the workplace.


Wisconsin Fair Employment

It is unlawful to treat people less favorably than others because of their protected class. The law prohibits discrimination in employment related actions such as: recruitment and hiring; pay; promotion; training; lay-off and firing; demotion; job assignments; leave or benefits; licensing or union membership; or other employment related actions.

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Case Matter Resolution

Whether a case is successfully resolved, often depends upon the attorney’s skill in convincing the opposing party that the claim is litigation-worthy. The criminal and civil litigation experience along with our background in the insurance industry positions the Law Offices of Antonique C. Williams for success on a claim.

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Next Steps...

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